Message From Founding Director Khalil Shaheed

 “Oaktown Jazz Workshops is a multifaceted presentation, and preservation organization dedicated to celebrating the artistic and cultural significance of America’s Classical Music – Jazz. This music is intricately bound to the history of this country and inextricably linked with the lives of large groups of Americans, and particularly African Americans. To preserve this music we need a community of teachers, mentors, and storytellers who know the importance of the next generation to receive this art form. Students are challenged to improve on their skills in a collaborative, creative safe environment. We attempt to eliminate some of the hardships young musicians had to endure in the past to learn this music.  The skills and discipline learned here can be used in whatever area the student chooses to pursue. They won’t all be professional musicians but they all will know how to work well with other people.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the many parents, friends, foundations, and government organizations that make the continuation of our programs possible.”

Khalil Shaheed (1949-2012)
Rest in peace

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